Orange County

Chapter Notes

REGISTER TODAY FOR the OC Q1 2019 Chapter Meeting

Q1 2019 MEETING Tuesday, March 26 , 2019 --8:30 to 11:15, RGP Irvine Office at 17101 Armstrong (near the District)

Topic: SEC/Financial Reporting Careers

Learn from a panel of Industry experts!

Be sure to join us in person.  Member participation adds value for all attendees since we are able to share experiences and best practices.  You will meet colleagues in the field who become friends and valuable contacts.

Location:  Meeting will be held at RGP's Irvine offices, 17101 Armstrong, Suite 201, Irvine, CA 92614


Registration, Continental Breakfast  8:30 to 9:00

Welcome, introductions and Chapter discussion 9-9:15

National Webcast starts at 9:15

Technical discussion led by our subject matter experts.

Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

While you are on the SEC PRO website, please take a moment to review and update your member profile, which now has new fields for your company's website address, SEC filer status, and other information that will be helpful for chapter and Group development.ontact Carol Shumway At (949) 417-6539 if you have any questions about SEC Professionals, our local chapter or upcoming events.

 The Orange County Chapter of the SEC Professionals Group meets quarterly for networking, peer collaboration, and a technical webcast on relevant SEC and reporting topics.  We look forward to your active participation in future meetings and encourage you to visit SEC Professionals Linked In -Orange County to post comments and questions and reach out to the Advisory Committee members if you have any general chapter suggestions or requests for topics that you would like to cover at our local meetings.  Our chapter is member driven and your feedback is essential to our success.

Contact Carol Shumway or one of  the Committee Chairs listed below to become involved.   We encourage you to participate in a Chapter Committee on Membership, Events, Technical content or Social Networking.   Find contact details under the Membership Directory.

Advisory Chairs:                    Carol Shumway, KBS Realty Advisors

Leadership Team:

Membership Chair                Denny Kon, Skilled Nursing Pharmacy

Communictions Chair          William Li, Capital Group

Events Chair                        Sean Nguyen, Comcast Spectacor - Spectra Ticketing & Entertainment Technology

Technical Content Chair       Richard Almeida, CoreLogic

Social Media Team               Erik Hassold, Pacific Western Bank


We encourage you to invite colleagues on your reporting team to become members, to join us for this interesting program and to attend in person.  You will meet your peers, share experiences and learn from each other. Join us and become engaged in your local chapter!

We look forward to your active participation in future meetings.  If you have any suggestions that you would like to see implemented, please forward them to me.  We want to make sure we maximize the benefit of this group/chapter to our members.

Sign up to the SEC Professionals Linked In Group and then sign up for our OC SEC Professionals Group.

You can use the SEC Professionals website to: post comments and questions.  Please reach out to me if you have any specific requests for topics you would like to cover at our next meeting.  We encourage you to invite your peers and fellow SEC Professionals to join us at our next meeting to continue to grow this community.


Contact Carol Shumway if you have any questions.  I can be reached at (949) 417-6539 or email me at


 Best regards,

Carol Shumway
Co-Chairs of SEC Professionals Orange County Chapter


The Orange County Chapter enjoyed meeting in a social setting on August 27th.   We shared stories of summer vacations, where career paths had crossed and generally got to know each other on a social level.  THANKS AGAIN to Jennifer Lyons for all her work initiating and planning the event and to Teddy Kang for his sponsorship!

Advisory Chairs

Carol Shumway

VP REIT Reporting & Compliance
KBS Realty Advisors


Cathy Garcia
Resources Global Professionals
Mervet Taha
Ken Tudhope
Advantex Professional Services
Chris Long